April through the end of time, etc.

I'm pleased and poised to announce that I will be taking a brief break from commission projects for about three weeks at the end of April and the beginning of May! I have a few projects in line that require my full energy, and I get all of my energy by consuming copious amounts of mashed potatoes and coffee with almond milk-- so I do not have much to spare.

A few exciting thangs coming up in the next few months:

-At the end of April, I will be spending about a week in Paris, where I hope to take in all the romance and bread, and shit. I plan to channel all that shit that everyone channels when they're in a foreign country, and put together a zine detailing my 'A Chubby-hearted American in Paris' visit.

-At the end of May I will be part of the all-Female-led Marmalade Market, featuring female bands, poets and vendors, and benefitting Planned Parenthood! Marmalade Market is put on by the wonderful women over at Trash Vintage and Passport Vintage! More info about all the vendors coming soon... You can expect some brand new work from me-- like tote bags, tees, prints, pins and new zines-- including the ever-evolving "Tear Drop Pop" Break Up to Weep Zine. (Hosted at Cheer Up Charlies on Saturday, May 27th)

-In June and July I will be *fully* embracing my curly hair, by swimming a lot and sweating even more  because I live in Austin, Tx... and I will hopefully be creating non-stop because...

-In August, I am equal parts shocked and stoked to announce that I will be having a solo show at Companion Atx, featuring all NEW WORKS, dealing with- let's be real- Heartbreak.





Planned Parenthood Donation!

I just put a few pieces on up on the site that have helped me get through a rough couple months this year 🙃 I'm hoping some of you might be interested in purchasing any prints of these#littlemeandrawings-- and in the process, making a donation to Planned Parenthood, which Donald Trump has vowed to defund as President.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.25.51 AM.png

I'll be donating 50% of these proceeds to @plannedparenthood (through Sunday 11/22), in an effort to support this safe place that has been a big part of my life over the last few years. As a recently uninsured, sexually active female in my twenties, I can speak firsthand about how necessary this organization has been for my personal well being and emotional sanity. I've been to Planned Parenthood for consultations, breast cancer scares, birth control info and discussing personal choices for some potentially-scary decisions. I'm so lucky to live close enough to a clinic that affords me the information and resources it has, but not every one has this option... and in the coming years, even fewer people may have access to the essential support they provide.

Become an ally while you still can.  #prochoice#yourbody #yourchoice#plannedparenthood 



See ya'll at craftHER!

Hey folks! I'm stoked to announce that I'll be participating in the Boss Babes "craftHER Vendor & Resource Market," at Fair Market here in Austin, TX on October 23rd! You can learn more about this awesome Women's Organization here!

More details to come, but go ahead and clear your party calendar and start breakin' open your piggy banks cause there will be tons of awesome vendors set up! I plan to have tons of new merchandise, including Mean Thing tees, bodysuits, totes and new prints!