^^^ This is a picture of me, guys.

^^^ This is a picture of me, guys.

About Kate

People don't usually like to hear females-- they're the ones with the boob-nipples and the pink vagina bones-- talk about certain subjects, so I make it a point to draw all the stuff that might make those people feel icky on the inside.

I'm Kate Holley, a freelance illustrator in Austin, Tx, and I go by Mean Thing Kate. I work regularly at Cheer Up Charlie's as a poster-designer and have work featured on Bustle.com and in Peach Fuzz Magazine.

You can contact me about illustration, creative assistance and poster projects at meanthingkate@gmail.com

And check me out on Instagram @meanthingkate where I post plenty of my latest work using the hashtag #littlemeandrawings

Okay, bye.